Party Platters

We cater to a number of parties with a selection of snack foods ideal for Kids Birthday Parties/ Cocktail Parties or just as appetizers for an event.

Below are our most popular items:

All Sandwiches are subject to 8.25% tax

Additional $5.00 if arranged in Round Platter with Clear Dome Cover

M‚Äčini Sliders

Mini Slider Buns filled with any filling of your choice. Chutney, baby spinach and a slice of cucumber. Lightly grilled and garnished with a pickled jalapeno and cherry tomato

$2.00 per piece.  24 sliders make a nice rectangular tray

Fillings:  Chicken Masala/ Chicken kebab/ Pav Bhaji 

Mini Rolls

Hot Dog buns filled with filling of your choice. Cut in halves and placed in individual paper cups and garnished.

Fillings:  Mild Chicken / Chicken Jalapeno/ Green chutney chicken jalapeno/ chicken masala/ Beef Kheema/ or Beef Nihari

$1.50 per piece.  24 Rolls per tray

Mini Seekh Kebab Parathas

  Either Beef or Chicken Seekh Kebabs wrapped in a chutney and onion relish Paratha

$1.75 per piece

Sandwich Platter

Fillings:   Chicken Mild / Chicken Jalapeno/ Chicken Green chutney with jalapenos/ Chicken masala/  Green chutney and cheese/ Chutney Cheese and Cucumber / 

$1.50 per sandwich triangle.  Platter as shown has 30 triangles

Mini Nihari Wraps

Appetizer sized Tortilla with medium spiced shredded Nihari Beef with a tangy onion and lemon relish.

$2.00 / piece